Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updatedsort ascending
DM2E: A Linked Data Source of Digitised Manuscripts for the Digital Humanities Accept 6,525 08/Apr/2018
SeMFIS: A Flexible Engineering Platform for Semantic Annotations of Conceptual Models Accept 7,232 08/Apr/2018
Ripple Down Rules for Question Answering Accept 9,543 08/Apr/2018
Flexible Query Processing for SPARQL Accept 5,547 08/Apr/2018
Question Answering over Biomedical Linked Data with Grammatical Framework Accept 5,510 08/Apr/2018
Querying Biomedical Linked Data with Natural Language Questions Accept 5,384 08/Apr/2018
A RADAR for Information Reconciliation in Question Answering Systems over Linked Data Accept 5,098 08/Apr/2018
Semantic Abstraction for Generalization of Tweet Classification: An Evaluation on Incident-Related Tweets Accept 6,818 08/Apr/2018
The YASGUI Family of SPARQL Clients Accept 7,430 08/Apr/2018
Using an Ontology for Representing the Knowledge on Literary Texts: the Dante Alighieri Case Study Accept 5,816 08/Apr/2018
Facilitating Scientometrics in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining - the LAK Dataset Accept 7,676 08/Apr/2018
Sparklis: An Expressive Query Builder for SPARQL Endpoints with Guidance in Natural Language Accept 6,539 08/Apr/2018
A Survey of Current Link Discovery Frameworks Accept 8,082 08/Apr/2018
Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV): a gateway to reusable semantic vocabularies on the Web Accept 18,467 08/Apr/2018
Ontology for observations and sampling features, with alignments to existing models Accept 7,351 08/Apr/2018
Ontop: Answering SPARQL Queries over Relational Databases Accept 8,992 08/Apr/2018
Knowledge Graph Refinement: A Survey of Approaches and Evaluation Methods Accept 10,536 08/Apr/2018
UnifiedViews: An ETL Tool for RDF Data Management Accept 6,698 23/Jan/2018
On the Quality of Vocabularies for Linked Dataset Papers Published in the Semantic Web Journal Accept 5,076 14/Jan/2018
Privacy, Security and Policies: A review of Problems and Solutions with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 4,048 14/Jan/2018
Linked data for Potential Algal Biomass Production Accept 10,405 06/Dec/2017
Editorial: Special Issue on Quality Management of Semantic Web Assets (Data, Services and Systems) Accept 3,456 15/Nov/2017
GERBIL – Benchmarking Named Entity Recognition and Linking Consistently Accept 7,775 13/Nov/2017
A Systematic Survey of Point Set Distance Measures for Link Discovery Accept 6,075 30/Oct/2017
Crowd-based Ontology Engineering with the uComp Protege Plugin Accept 7,239 13/Jul/2017
DWRank: Learning Concept Ranking for Ontology Search Accept 8,293 13/Jul/2017
From hyperlinks to Semantic Web properties using Open Knowledge Extraction Accept 6,764 13/Jul/2017
A Foundation for Spatial Data Warehouses on the Semantic Web Accept 4,802 25/Apr/2017
Discovery of Emerging Design Patterns in Ontologies Using Tree Mining Accept 4,918 25/Apr/2017
DataGraft: One-Stop-Shop for Open Data Management Accept 6,287 15/Mar/2017