Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updated
Linked Data for Science and Education (Editorial) Accept 4,289 07/Dec/2012
Geospatial Semantics and Linked Spatiotemporal Data – Past, Present, and Future Accept 5,637 08/Sep/2012
Linked data for Potential Algal Biomass Production Accept 5,786 09/Dec/2013
The Digital Earth as Knowledge Engine Accept 4,886 15/Jun/2012
Making Sense of Social Media Streams through Semantics: a Survey Accept 9,469 02/Apr/2013
The Use of Semantic Web Technologies for Decision Support - A Survey Accept 11,950 23/Oct/2012
Europeana Linked Open Data – Accept 7,574 08/Dec/2012
Amsterdam Museum Linked Open Data Accept 12,448 23/Aug/2012 a Library Linked Data Dataset Accept 7,518 18/Dec/2012
Fiction Literature as Linked Open Data - the BookSampo Dataset Accept 6,191 14/Dec/2012
A Curated and Evolving Linguistic Linked Dataset Accept 6,797 05/Oct/2012
Facebook Linked Data via the Graph API Accept 10,263 11/Sep/2012
Transforming Meteorological Data into Linked Data Accept 7,287 26/Nov/2012
Translational research combining orthologous genes and human diseases with the OGOLOD dataset Accept 5,087 31/Mar/2013
TheSoz: A SKOS Representation of the Thesaurus for the Social Sciences Accept 7,030 13/Sep/2012
BioPortal as a Dataset of Linked Biomedical Ontologies and Terminologies in RDF Accept 6,198 24/Oct/2012
Linked Data Representation of the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics Accept 8,738 11/Sep/2012
The AGROVOC Linked Dataset Accept 13,861 13/Mar/2013
TourMISLOD: a Tourism Linked Data Set Accept 12,061 31/Oct/2012
Special Issue on Real-time and Ubiquitous Social Semantics Accept 3,544 27/Apr/2012
A collaborative methodology for developing a semantic model for interlinking Cancer Chemoprevention linked data sources Accept 7,422 19/Apr/2013
Using the relation ontology Metarel for modelling Linked Data as multi-digraphs Accept 5,235 10/Jan/2013
Applying Linked Data Approaches to Pharmacology: Architectural Decisions and Implementation Accept 9,493 03/Nov/2012
A Scalable Approach for Statistical Learning in Semantic Graphs Accept 5,862 21/Jan/2013
(Partial) User Preference Similarity as Classification-Based Model Similarity Accept 33,271 21/Jan/2013
An Authority-flow based Ranking Approach to Discover Potential Novel Associations Between Linked Data Accept 4,874 21/Jan/2013
Order Matters! Harnessing a World of Orderings for Reasoning over Massive Data Accept 24,762 24/Oct/2012
An Egocentric Semantic Reference System for Affordances Accept 8,286 10/Jun/2013
User Preferences in the Web of Data Accept 6,987 12/Sep/2012
A Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics Accept 5,047 20/Sep/2013