Open Access: SWJ Going for Gold

Since its launch in 2009 the Semantic Web journal (SWJ) has been a firm supporter of so called 'green' Open Access (OA). For SWJ that means that all journal issues are published in accepted manuscript format on the webpage and are available to anyone, for free. The official published version of the issues are available only to licensed users at the IOS Press website. Some articles are available also in the form of Open Access (OA) through IOS Press as authors could opt-in to publish with full OA.

2019 Google Scholar Ranking

Google Scholar just updated its conference and journal metrics.

Journal Impact Factors 2019

The 2019 impact factors were just released, and the Semantic Web journal is at 3.524, up from last year's 2.224. We will compare it with the impact factors from the same journals we compared it with in previous years.

First the list of "Web" journals which we generated three years ago for comparison, together with the new, updated, impact factors.

Special Issue on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage

Special Issue on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage