SWJ papers for the ISWC 2018 Journals Track

The 17th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2018), which will be held in Monterey, California, in October 2018, will again feature a Journals Track with the presentation of 12 papers, half of which will be from the Semantic Web journal. The papers have been selected from among all papers which have been published in a print issue in April 2017 or later, or which were awaiting print publication in March 2018. Authors could self-nominate their papers for the track, the only requirement was that they would be willing to present their work at the conference. The editorial board then selected by vote which papers were to be presented.

The ISWC 2018 Journals Track papers from the Semantic Web journal are as follows:

Giuseppe Rizzo, Bianca Pereira, Andrea Varga, Marieke van Erp, Amparo Elizabeth Cano Basave
Lessons Learnt from the Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) Challenge Series
Semantic Web 8 (5), 2017, 667-700

Maulik R. Kamdar, Tania Tudorache, Mark A. Musen
A Systematic Analysis of Term Reuse and Term Overlap across Biomedical Ontologies
Semantic Web 8 (6), 2017, 853-871

Audun Stolpe, Jonas Halvorsen
Distributed query processing in the presence of blank nodes
Semantic Web 8 (6), 2017, 981-1000

Alessandro Oltramari, Dhivya Piraviperumal, Florian Schaub, Shomir Wilson, Sushain Cherivirala, Thomas B. Norton, N. Cameron Russell, Peter Story, Joel Reidenberg, Norman Sadeh
PrivOnto: a Semantic Framework for the Analysis of Privacy Policies
Semantic Web 9 (2), 2018, 185-203

Chris Dijkshoorn, Lizzy Jongma, Lora Aroyo, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Guus Schreiber, Wesley ter Weele, Jan Wielemaker
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data
Semantic Web 9 (2), 2018, 221-230

Ahmet Soylu, Evgeny Kharlamov, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Martin Giese, Martin G. Skjæveland, Dag Hovland, Rudolf Schlatte, Sebastian Brandt, Hallstein Lie, Ian Horrocks
OptiqueVQS: a Visual Query System over Ontologies for Industry
Semantic Web, to appear.

We're looking forward to the presentations!