DCQE: A RDF Dataset Quality Evaluation Mechanism for Decentralized Systems

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Li Huang
Zhenzhen Liu
Fangfang Xu
Jinguang Gu

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Jens Lehmann

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Full Paper
The current decentralized system has developed rapidly, especially with the development of blockchain technology. The quality evaluation of RDF data sets in the decentralized system has also received extensive attention. Therefore, from the perspective of data quality evaluation, this paper proposes a RDF data quality evaluation model in decentralized environment, and points out the new dimension of RDF data quality. The blockchain is used to record the data quality evaluation results and the update plan of the quality evaluation results is designed in detail. Finally, the feasibility of the above system is verified and the quality evaluation model is verified. The purpose of this paper is to study how the decentralized system can provide users with better cost performance when the knowledge is independently protected. This paper named this scheme DCQE.
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