Decentralized Messaging for RDF Stream Processing on the Web

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Jean Paul Calbimonte

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Guest Editors Stream Reasoning 2017

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Tool/System Report
The presence of data streams on the Web is constantly increasing in terms of volume and relevance, for a large number of applications domains and use-cases. As a consequence, there is a growing need for coherent data and processing models for streams, including data and metadata semantics that can help integrating, interpreting, and reusing them. RDF Stream Processing (RSP) introduced theoretical foundations and concrete technologies to deal with these issues, ranging from continuous query processors to stream reasoners. However, most of these efforts lack support for communication and interaction at the Web level. This paper proposes a decentralized model and implementation, RSP actors, for enabling Web interactions among RSP engines, based on the actor paradigm. The RSP actors proposed in this work, use a message-passing mechanism for asynchronous communication of RDF streams and metadata, and is designed to encapsulate the functionalities of existing RSP query engines, Complex Event Processors, or stream reasoners. Furthermore, we have used and extended the Linked Data Notifications recommendation of W3C, as a building block for a specific HTTP-based implementation of the model. The RSP actors code-base is open-sourced, and provides three concrete implementations of well known RSP/stream reasoners developed by the RSP community, to show the feasibility of the approach.
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