ExtruOnt: An Ontology for describing a type of manufacturing machine for Industry 4.0 systems

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Victor Ramirez
Idoia Berges
Arantza Illarramendi1

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Guest Editors SemWeb of Things for Industry 4.0 - 2019

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Ontology Description
Semantically rich descriptions of manufacturing machines, offered in a machine-interpretable code, can provide interesting benefits in Industry 4.0 scenarios. However, the lack of that type of descriptions is evident. In this paper we present the development effort made to build an ontology, called ExtruOnt, for describing a type of manufacturing machine, more precisely, a type that performs an extrusion process (extruder). Although the scope of the ontology is restricted to a concrete domain, it could be used as a model for the development of other ontologies for describing manufacturing machines in Industry 4.0 scenarios. The terms of the ExtruOnt ontology provide different types of information related with an extruder, which are reflected in distinct modules that constitute the ontology. Thus, it contains classes and properties for expressing descriptions about the components of an extruder, the spatial connections, features, and 3D representations of those components, and finally about sensors used to capture indicators about the performance of this type of machine. The ontology development process has been carried out in close collaboration with experts from a manufacturing company.
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