Publishing and archiving planned and live public transport events with the Linked~Connections framework

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Julian Rojas
David Chaves-Fraga1
Pieter Colpaert
Oscar Corcho
Ruben Verborgh

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Guest Editors Knowledge Graphs 2018

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Full Paper
Using Linked Data based approaches, companies and institutions are seeking ways to automate the adoption of Open Datasets. In the transport domain, data about planned events, live updates and historical data have to coexist to provide reliable data to route planning assistants. Linked Connections (LC) introduces a preliminary specification that allows cost-efficient publishing of the raw public transport data in linked information resources. This paper gives an overview of Linked Connections so far and supports claims with existing and novel experiments. Furthermore, (i) an extension of the current Linked Connections specification providing methods and vocabulary to deal with live data is provided; (ii) a Linked Connections Live server is developed that is able to process GTFS-RT feeds providing consistent identifiers; and (iii) an efficient management of historical data taking into account the size of each fragments exposed on the Web is described. We discover that the size of the fragments has a relevant impact on the performance of query evaluation. Based on our experiments conducted in 2018, an ideal Linked Connections fragment -- for the use case of route planning with a client developed for this work -- weighs about 50kb. This research scratches the surface on a Web ecosystem for route planning. In future works, we envision to find optimal fragmentation strategies of larger public transit networks for automated federated route planning.
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