PURO: Capturing the Background of OWL Ontologies

Tracking #: 2112-3325

This paper is currently under review
Vojtěch Svátek
Martin Homola
Ján Kluka
Marek Dudas
Miroslav Vacura

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Aldo Gangemi

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Full Paper
Many modeling decisions in OWL ontologies are enforced by formal constraints of the language or by pragmatic application concerns, and thus deviate from faithful modeling of reality in terms of the Universal/Particular and Relationship/Object distinctions. The proposed PURO language aims to complement OWL in this respect via providing a conceptual layer relaxing some of the OWL constraints, while it remains simple in terms of its basic repertory of constructs. We formulate the notion of ontological background model (OBM) and demonstrate how models expressed in PURO can serve as OBMs for OWL ontologies. We also provide a full first-order axiomatization of the stable core of PURO, interrelate and exemplify its primitives, and enumerate their typical OWL manifestations. Further, we analyze a number of PURO use cases in various stage of maturity, and elaborate on several evaluation experiments corroborating the usability of the PURO language. Connections to related research such as OntoClean or OntoUML are also established.
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