SQuAP-Ont: an Ontology of Software Quality Relational Factors from Financial Systems

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Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese
Paolo Ciancarini
Valentina Presutti
Daniel Russo

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Rinke Hoekstra

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Ontology Description
Quality, architecture, and process are considered the keystones of software engineering. ISO defines them in three separate standards. However, their interaction has been scarcely studied, so far. The SQuAP model (Software Quality, Architecture, Process) describes twenty-eight main factors that impact on software quality in banking systems, and each factor is described as a relation among some characteristics from the three ISO standards. Hence, SQuAP makes such relations emerge rigorously, although informally. In this paper, we present SQaAP-Ont, an OWL ontology designed by following a well established methodology based on the re-use of Ontology Design Patterns (i.e. ODPs). SQaAP-Ont formalises the relations emerging from SQuAP in order to represent and reason via Linked Data about software engineering in a three-dimensional model consisting of quality, architecture, and process ISO characteristics.
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