Topic profiling benchmarks: issues and lessons learned

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Blerina Spahiu
Andrea Maurino
Robert Meusel1

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Guest Editors Benchmarking Linked Data 2017

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Full Paper
Topical profiling of the datasets contained in the Linking Open Data cloud diagram (LOD cloud) has been of interest for a longer time. Different automatic classification approaches have been presented, in order to overcome the manual task of assigning topics for each and every individual new dataset. Although the quality of those automated approaches is comparably sufficient, it has been shown, that in most cases, a single topical label for one dataset is not sufficient to understand the content of a dataset. Therefore, within the following study, we present a machine-learning based approach in order to assign a single, as well as multiple topics for one LOD dataset and evaluate the results. As part of this work, we present the first multi-topic classification benchmark for the LOD cloud, which is freely accessible and discuss the challenges and obstacles which needs to be addressed when building such benchmark datasets.
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