UCQ-rewritings for Disjunctive Knowledge

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Enrique Matos Alfonso
Alexandros Chortaras
Giorgos Stamou

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Bernardo Cuenca Grau

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Full Paper
We focus on the problem of query rewriting for the framework of Disjunctive Existential Rules. It is a well-known approach for query answering on knowledge bases with incomplete data. We propose a rewriting technique that uses Negative Constraints and Conjunctive Queries to remove components from the disjunction in Disjunctive Existential Rules. This process will eventually generate new Existential Rules. The generated rules can then be used to produce new rewritings considering the existing rewriting approaches for the Existential rules Framework. The algorithm is implemented in COMPLETO in order to provide complete rewritings for unions of conjunctive queries with negation. Additionally, we report some experiments to evaluate the viability of the proposed solution.
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