A Visual Modeling Approach for the Semantic Web Rule Language

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Benedikt Pittl
Hans-Georg Fill

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Thomas Lukasiewicz

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The Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) is considered a main pillar for realizing the semantic web and for supporting innovative rule-based applications. Thereby, it is used to infer new knowledge from a given fact base. Today, SWRL rules are developed and managed by technical experts in text-based editors using software applications such as the Stanford Protégé toolkit. For easing the specification and analysis of SWRL rules by non-technical users, we introduce in this paper a visual modeling approach for SWRL. By building upon a visual modeling language, the approach includes validation mechanisms and layouting algorithms for visually representing new as well as existing rules. The approach further provides import and export interfaces to common SWRL exchange formats. In this way, its compatibility with widely-used reasoners and semantic web platforms is guaranteed. For ensuring its feasibility, the approach has been prototypically realized using the SeMFIS platform and evaluated using the sample rules as provided in the SWRL specification.
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