This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Storage, Partitioning, Indexing and Retrieval in Big RDF Frameworks: A Survey Reject 1,626 27/Mar/2020
Introducing the Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV) Accept 830 26/Mar/2020
Challenge-derived design principles for a semantic gazetteer for medieval and early modern places Accept 724 23/Mar/2020
Typology-based Semantic Labeling of Numeric Tabular Data Accept 483 19/Mar/2020
Network Metrics for Assessing the Quality of Entity Resolution between Multiple Datasets Minor Revision 689 13/Mar/2020
Ontology Alignment Revisited: A Bibliometric Narrative Reject 519 11/Mar/2020
Finding the appropriate relations between concepts of knowledge resources: challenges and key points of improvement Reject (Pre-Screening) 188 07/Mar/2020
A Domain Categorisation of Vocabularies Based on a Deep Learning Reject 2,355 06/Mar/2020
An Empirical Evaluation of Cost-based Federated SPARQL Query Processing Engines Major Revision 700 04/Mar/2020
SAREF4INMA: a SAREF extension for the Industry and Manufacturing domain Minor Revision 1,063 02/Mar/2020
A Survey of OpenRefine Reconciliation Services Reject (Pre-Screening) 187 02/Mar/2020
A Survey on Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Literals: Which model links better Literal-ly? Major Revision 1,010 02/Mar/2020
KOS-Driven Named Entity Recognition of Dutch Archaeological Grey Literature for the Purposes of Indexing and Discovery Reject 797 28/Feb/2020
KINDEX – Automatic Subject Indexing with Knowledge Graph Services Reject 949 27/Feb/2020
UCQ-rewritings with Disjunctive Existential Rules and Conjunctive Queries with Negated Atoms Minor Revision 789 26/Feb/2020
A Survey of Semantic Technology and Ontology for e-Learning Major Revision 2,072 26/Feb/2020
RDFRules: Making RDF Rule Mining Easier and Even More Efficient Major Revision 511 25/Feb/2020
Terminology and Ontology for Cultural Heritage Application to Chinese Ceramic Vessels: The TAO CI Project Reject 1,010 25/Feb/2020
A semantic framework for modelling and managing reusable and optimized cultural experiences, towards a shared MR cultural experience ecosystem Reject 801 24/Feb/2020
Built Cultural Heritage Data Modeling and Representation using Semantic Web Technologies and Building Information Model: A Case Study of Gorkhatri Reject 885 24/Feb/2020
Trust-based retrieval of artwork attributions in digital libraries Reject 791 20/Feb/2020
Overcoming Shortage of Training Data for Cultural Heritage Analysis Reject 833 19/Feb/2020
Explainable Zero-shot Learning via Attentive Graph Convolutional Network and Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 947 19/Feb/2020
RDF Graph Validation Using Rule-Based Reasoning Accept 883 14/Feb/2020
A data-driven methodology to generate living ontologies Reject (Pre-Screening) 455 11/Feb/2020
EUCISE-OWL: An Ontology-based Representation of the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the Maritime Domain Accept 845 06/Feb/2020
ExtruOnt: An Ontology for describing a type of manufacturing machine for Industry 4.0 systems Accept 986 06/Feb/2020
Methodologies for publishing linked open government data for the data on the web: a systematic mapping Major Revision 831 03/Feb/2020
Recursion in SPARQL Major Revision 1,082 02/Feb/2020