This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Visualizing Ontologies with VOWL Accept 9,332 15/Mar/2017
Inferring Recommendation Interactions in Clinical Guidelines Accept 5,657 15/Mar/2017
Quality-Based Model For Effective and Robust Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Ontology Matching Accept 4,969 15/Mar/2017
TraitBank: Practical semantics for organism attribute data Accept 5,001 15/Mar/2017
Presenting and Preserving the Change in Taxonomic Knowledge for Linked Data Accept 6,734 15/Mar/2017
Lessons Learned from Adapting the Darwin Core Vocabulary Standard for Use in RDF Accept 4,508 15/Mar/2017
Darwin-SW: Darwin Core-based terms for expressing biodiversity data as RDF Accept 4,834 15/Mar/2017
Names Are Not Good Enough: Reasoning over Taxonomic Change in the Andropogon Complex Accept 3,762 15/Mar/2017
OntoPedigree: Modelling Pedigrees for traceability in supply chains Accept 5,931 15/Mar/2017
A Fine-Grained Evaluation of SPARQL Endpoint Federation Systems Accept 5,749 15/Mar/2017
Publishing DisGeNET as Nanopublications Accept 5,839 15/Mar/2017
ClioPatria: A SWI-Prolog Infrastructure for the Semantic Web Accept 7,497 15/Mar/2017
A content-focussed method for reengineering thesauri into semantically adequate ontologies Accept 5,031 15/Mar/2017
On the Efficient Execution of Bounded Jaro-Winkler Distances Accept 4,436 15/Mar/2017
An Unsupervised Data-driven Method to Discover Equivalent Relations in Large Linked Datasets Accept 4,880 15/Mar/2017
A Session-based Ontology Alignment Approach enabling User Involvement Accept 3,434 15/Mar/2017
An Infrastructure for Probabilistic Reasoning with Web Ontologies Accept 4,728 15/Mar/2017
The debates of the European Parliament as Linked Open Data Accept 4,909 15/Mar/2017
JRC-Names: Multilingual Entity Name variants and titles as Linked Data Accept 4,532 15/Mar/2017
CEDAR: The Dutch Historical Censuses as Linked Open Data Accept 5,041 15/Mar/2017
Access Control and the Resource Description Framework: A Survey Accept 4,695 15/Mar/2017
A Five-Star Rating Scheme to Assess Application Seamlessness Accept 3,943 15/Mar/2017
Exploratory querying of SPARQL endpoints in space and time Accept 4,833 15/Mar/2017
Aemoo: Linked Data exploration based on Knowledge Patterns Accept 4,575 15/Mar/2017
Visualizing Statistical Linked Knowledge for Decision Support Accept 5,526 15/Mar/2017
A Hierarchical Aggregation Framework for Efficient Multilevel Visual Exploration and Analysis Accept 3,576 15/Mar/2017
Detecting new and arbitrary relations among Linked Data entities using pattern extraction Reject 2,283 14/Mar/2017
C2K: Acquiring Knowledge from Categories Using Semantic Associations Major Revision 2,110 09/Mar/2017
On minimal intermediate results in zero-knowledge federation Reject 1,810 06/Mar/2017