This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Boosting Document Retrieval with Knowledge Extraction and Linked Data Accept 6,993 28/Aug/2018
A Quality Assessment Approach for Evolving Knowledge Bases Accept 6,100 27/Aug/2018
Topic Profiling Benchmarks in the Linked Open Data Cloud: Issues and Lessons Learned Accept 7,090 24/Aug/2018
Semantic Technologies and Interoperability in the Built Environment Accept 5,601 14/Aug/2018
The Modular SSN Ontology: A Joint W3C and OGC Standard Specifying the Semantics of Sensors, Observations, Sampling, and Actuation Accept 8,640 09/Aug/2018
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine -- SPARQL Querying of Property Graphs using Gremlin Traversals Reject 7,243 09/Aug/2018
Generating Public Transport Data based on Population Distributions for RDF Benchmarking Accept 6,060 08/Aug/2018
RDF2Vec: RDF Graph Embeddings and Their Applications Accept 10,098 07/Aug/2018
Survey of Tools for Linked Data Consumption Accept 10,179 06/Aug/2018
Benchmarking Semantic Reasoning on Mobile Platforms: Towards Optimization Using OWL2 RL Accept 5,873 06/Aug/2018
Machine Learning in the Internet of Things: a Semantic-enhanced Approach Accept 7,200 06/Aug/2018
A Query Language for Semantic Complex Event Processing: Syntax, Semantics and Implementation Accept 6,544 06/Aug/2018
Benchmarking Question Answering Systems Accept 6,758 06/Aug/2018
Estimating query rewriting quality over LOD Accept 6,536 06/Aug/2018
Comparison and Evaluation of Ontologies for Units of Measurement Accept 9,499 06/Aug/2018
Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives Accept 7,861 06/Aug/2018
SML-Bench -- A Benchmarking Framework for Structured Machine Learning Accept 7,437 06/Aug/2018
Evaluation of Metadata Representations in RDF stores Accept 8,057 06/Aug/2018
Best Practices for Publishing, Retrieving, and Using Spatial Data on the Web Accept 23,398 05/Aug/2018
SmartEnv as a Network of Ontology Patterns Accept 7,173 05/Aug/2018
KnowMore - Knowledge Base Augmentation with Structured Web Markup Accept 8,776 05/Aug/2018
Extracting common sense knowledge via triple ranking using supervised and unsupervised distributional models Accept 6,494 05/Aug/2018
STEM: Stacked Threshold-based Entity Matching for Knowledge Base Generation Accept 6,618 05/Aug/2018
Evaluating the Quality of the LOD Cloud: An Empirical Investigation Accept 8,502 05/Aug/2018
A Machine Learning Approach for Product Matching and Categorization Accept 7,609 05/Aug/2018
Diversicon: towards Pluggable Lexical Domain Knowledge Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,639 03/Aug/2018
SeaNet: Semantic Enabled Autonomic Management of Software Defined Networks Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,571 03/Aug/2018
Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network Accept 7,032 01/Aug/2018
Plausibility Assessment of Triples with Distant Supervision Reject 4,623 30/Jul/2018