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Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
LOIT: An indexing tool based on LOM ontology Reject 3,921 08/Dec/2010
The Alignment API 4.0 Accept 35,826 08/Dec/2010
A survey of Arabic language Support in Semantic web Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,145 08/Dec/2010
Towards the Ubiquitous Web Accept 10,530 08/Dec/2010
The Role of Space and Time For Knowledge Organization on the Semantic Web Accept 14,087 08/Dec/2010
A Taskonomy for the Semantic Web Accept 20,331 08/Dec/2010
The use of ontologies in the HYDRA middleware Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,288 08/Dec/2010
The Semantic Web Needs More Cognition Accept 9,819 08/Dec/2010
Semantic Search on the Web Accept 14,038 08/Dec/2010
Can we ever catch up with the Web? Accept 18,728 08/Dec/2010
Web to Semantic Web and Role of Ontology in its Development Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,204 08/Dec/2010
Building an effective Semantic Web for Health Care and the Life Sciences Accept 11,073 08/Dec/2010
Towards a Pattern Science for the Semantic Web Accept 9,353 08/Dec/2010
Accessing the Web of Data through Embodied Virtual Characters Accept 8,633 08/Dec/2010
Making the Web a Data Washing Machine - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Accept 29,711 08/Dec/2010
Model-Assisted Software Development: Using a 'semantic bus' to automate steps in the software development process Accept 9,479 08/Dec/2010
Ontology Use for Semantic e-Science Accept 9,446 08/Dec/2010
Theoretical Foundations and Engineering Tools for Building Ontologies as Reference Conceptual Models Accept 9,273 08/Dec/2010
Preventing Interoperability Problems Instead of Solving Them Accept 20,105 08/Dec/2010
Digital Heritage: Semantic Challenges of Long-term Preservation Accept 9,882 08/Dec/2010
Modeling vs Encoding for the Semantic Web Accept 16,619 08/Dec/2010
Smart Objects: Challenges for Semantic Web Research Accept 9,118 08/Dec/2010
The Knowledge Reengineering Bottleneck Accept 11,345 08/Dec/2010
User Modeling and The Adaptive Semantic Web Accept 9,260 08/Dec/2010
Privacy in Ontology-based Information Systems: A Pending Matter Accept 14,367 08/Dec/2010
Five Challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web Accept 19,484 08/Dec/2010
Inductive Learning for the Semantic Web: What does it buy? Accept 16,596 08/Dec/2010
Ontology Design and Development: Some aspects : An overview Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,325 08/Dec/2010
Web Browser Personalization: Design of a Client-Side Web page Access Prediction Algorithm Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,083 08/Dec/2010