This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Beyond Facts - a Survey and Conceptualisation of Claims in Online Discourse Analysis Accept 2,050 26/Dec/2021
Understanding the Structure of Knowledge Graphs with ABSTAT Profiles Reject 2,251 21/Dec/2021
The SILKNOW Knowledge Graph Major Revision 2,339 12/Dec/2021
GeoSPARQL-Jena: Implementation and Benchmarking of a GeoSPARQL Graphstore Major Revision 4,795 10/Dec/2021
PersianQuAD: Native Question Answering Dataset for the Persian Language Reject (Pre-Screening) 749 09/Dec/2021
Completing and Debugging Ontologies: State of the Art and Challenges in Repairing Ontologies Major Revision 1,877 07/Dec/2021
Relational Graph Convolutional Networks: A Closer Look Reject 1,756 03/Dec/2021
Tools for building an event-based knowledge graph from legal decisions Reject 1,910 29/Nov/2021
An Open Ended Web Knowledge Retrieval Framework with Explanation and Learning through Argumentation Reject 4,642 28/Nov/2021
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 1,509 18/Nov/2021
Applying the LOT methodology to a Public Bus Transport Ontology aligned with Transmodel: Challenges and Results Accept 1,788 08/Nov/2021
Visual Notations for Viewing RDF Constraints with UnSHACLed Accept 2,617 08/Nov/2021
Certifiable AI Reject (Pre-Screening) 839 29/Oct/2021
Extension of the Electronic Government Ontology Reject 3,310 20/Oct/2021
The EPISECC Ontology model: spatio-temporal ontology for disaster management Major Revision 6,193 20/Oct/2021
A Prospective Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities within Link Traversal-Based Query Processing Reject 1,788 18/Oct/2021
An Approach for Interoperability Assessment of RDF Data Reject 1,609 12/Oct/2021
Mapping Process for the Task: Wikidata Statements to Text as Wikipedia Sentences Major Revision 2,469 05/Oct/2021
An Assertion and Alignment Correction Framework for Large Scale Knowledge Bases Accept 2,000 30/Sep/2021
Optimizing Storage of RDF Archives using Bidirectional Delta Chains Accept 1,719 28/Sep/2021
An application of Semantic Web Technologies to GDPR compliance of University Processes and Personal Data processing Major Revision 2,065 27/Sep/2021
Foundational Ontologies meet Ontology Matching: A Survey Accept 3,441 22/Sep/2021
Exploring Rank Aggregation for Cross-Lingual Ontology Alignments: A Comparative Study Reject 1,966 22/Sep/2021
Linking Women Editors of Periodicals to the Wikidata Knowledge Graph Accept 1,905 20/Sep/2021
Towards Multilingual Semantic Annotation for Sign Language Reject 2,132 04/Sep/2021
Handling Qualitative Preferences in SPARQL over Virtual Ontology-Based Data Access Minor Revision 1,947 02/Sep/2021
MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI Embeddings for Reliable Prediction of Symbolic Music Metadata Accept 2,076 31/Aug/2021
Urban IoT Ontologies for Sharing and Electric Mobility Accept 2,524 31/Aug/2021
Designing and Communicating Ontologies Visually Major Revision 3,455 29/Aug/2021